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Dominican Republic’s energy ministry joins World Energy

The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Energy and Mines has joined as a member of the World Energy Council in a meeting held on 30 January Pelegrín Horacio Castillo Semán, Minister of Energy and Mines for the Dominican Republic (centre) with José Antonio Vargas Lleras, WEC Vice-Chair for Latin America and the Caribbean to his left

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The heads of the ministries, known as Ministers of their respective department, form the traditional Cabinet of the Dominican Republic, an executive organ that serves at the disposal of the president for the coordination of the government affairs and normally act as an advisory body to the presidency Ministries of the present 23 ministries exist in the Dominican Republic

Ministry of Energy and Mines (Dominican Republic)

About the Ministry The Ministerio de Energía y Minas (MEM, Ministry of Energy and Mines) was created on 30 July 2013 by Law 100-13 as part of the Executive Cabinet The Ministry is responsible for the development and management of energy policy and national non-metallic mining and metal

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A Discussion with Pelegrín Castillo, Minister of Energy

CCA hosted the Minister of Energy and Mines from the Dominican Republic on October 9, at Fasken Martineau offices Pelegrín Castillo was appointed Minister of Energy and Mines after a successful twenty year career in congress

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Dominican Republic - Renewable EnergyDR In a recent meeting, the Minister of Energy and Mines, the Executive Director of the National Energy Commission and the Executive Vice President of the Dominican Corporation of States Electric Companies made the decision of granting the concessions for renewable energy generation projects through

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With all of this attention, the opportunity exists to overhaul the floundering electricity sector and bring it in line with the country’s vision of a sustainable future The Dominican Republic has a stated goal of obtaining 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025

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The Dominican Republic’s energy sector is at a crossroads Currently, the country depends on fossil fuel imports for 86% of its electricity generation, bringing enormous economic and environmental costs and necessitating a transition to a more sustainable energy system

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Information on this was shared by the Minister of Energy and Mines of the Caribbean nation, Antonio Isa Conde, with a select audience gathered at the Regional Energy and Development Conference, being held from January 18-20 in this English-speaking country, major natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas supplier to the Dominican Republic

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The Cabinet of the Dominican Republic is chosen by the President of the Republic and can be removed by the president at any time The cabinet ministers were known as Secretaries of State until 26 January 2010 with the proclamation of the new Constitution