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Exposed Aggregate Brisbane Exposed Aggregate Brisbane and Gold Coast and Ipswich Best prices and high quality workmanship Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways are very popular due to the long lasting nature of the product and the beautiful finishes you can achieve simply by choosing a aggregate that matches your existing landscaping and dwelling colours

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Brisbane Budget Concrete Services offers high quality concrete resurfacing services, an excellent way for homeowners to give their surface a brand new look at a fraction of cost of what new concrete would cost Through use of the latest technologies we have a wide selection of …

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Exposed aggregate concrete can be used in all types of applications and has all of the strength and durability of normal concrete The difference is, when the concrete mix is created, the manufacturer adds decorative pebbles and colour to the base concrete

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Brisbane Budget Concrete Services offers high quality concrete resurfacing services, an excellent way for homeowners to give their surface a brand new look at a fraction of cost of what new concrete would cost Through use of the latest technologies we have a wide selection of …

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For decorative concrete exposed aggregate is the style that never goes out of fashion Your Reliable Concreters Adelaide If you’ve been looking for a reputable concreters Adelaide company who can provide a range of concreting and excavation services for your home or …

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About Exposed Aggregate Concrete Today’s most common form of decorative concrete is exposed aggregate Traditionally, concrete has been finished with a smooth cement surface either trowelled or stippled The aggregate – the small stones and pebbles, to which concrete owes its great strength, were to be hidden beneath the surface

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The Exposed Aggregate Concrete Look – Classic and Durable Finishing This article lightly explores the history behind the exposed aggregate concrete finish in both public and private buildings and homes which have been around for millennia

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Exposed aggregate concrete can almost be compared to a piece of granite or marble transformed by polishing: A plain, unremarkable surface has been stripped away to reveal the exceptional beauty lying beneath In the case of concrete, that beauty is in the form of …

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Servicing Northside Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, Specialise in shed slabs and driveways - polished/burnished finish - broom - exposed aggregate Competitive in pricing, a young business that takes pride in the end result - you will not be disappointed

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Exposed aggregate concrete is superb when used around pools, pathways and drivewaysNaturally slip resistant it is the perfect choice for a “pebbled” lookExposed aggregate cement works by exposing stones at the surface of the cement

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Exposed aggregate concrete Melbourne areas are south and south eastern suburbs where we pour exposed aggregate concrete The first day the exposed aggregate concrete driveway is excavated and prepared The second day the exposed aggregate concrete driveway is poured with an exposed aggregate concrete mix consisting of decorative pebbles of your

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Exposed aggregate is visually stunning, easy to maintain and is a perfect alternative to standard concrete for those worried about unsightly cracks and stains iCon Concrete can work with you to develop the perfect exposed aggregate mix depending on your needs

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Exposed aggregate concrete is the perfect compliment to a new or existing home, office, driveway or outdoor area It's hard wearing and looks amazing Our customers use it for external areals like driveways, paths and pool surrounds

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At UnderCut, our aggregate concrete is an exquisite and unique alternative to basic concrete slab floors We supply domestic, commercial and industrial clients, all over Western Australia, with a wide range of external flooring options Aggregate benefits Exposed aggregate concrete is ideal for outside use because it makes for a beautiful, yet

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Exposed aggregate concrete driveways Melbourne are becoming widely popular because of the many benefits that they have to offer One of the primary benefits that can be found with exposed aggregate in the Mornington Peninsula is the natural beauty

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Aggregate Concrete Melbourne Exposed Aggregate, also known as Decorative Concrete is when the stone that is used in the concrete mix is exposed by washing off the top layer after drying Depending on the look and feel you are after you can choose between a heavy or light exposure

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Premium exposed aggregate concrete in Adelaide Make a statement in your home by selecting exposed aggregate concrete for your outdoor area in Adelaide Exposed aggregate is a stylish choice that is rapidly taking over the market

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Welcome to S&A Decorative Concrete, HIA award winning concreters We are a premium concreters based in Warana, Sunshine Coast As a family owned and operated company, we thrive on repeat and referral business from our clients

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Exposed Aggregate Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a very popular and fashionable decorative finish, it is used at most display homes The finish is not smooth, rather the aggregate (stone/pebbles) are exposed which makes it rough and gravelly

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Brisbane Exposed Aggregate concrete driveways are long lasting in nature, and offer a range of attractive finishes achieved by choosing an aggregate that matches the existing colours of your dwelling and landscaping

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Concrete Driveways in Melbourne We specialise in the design and installation of plain and coloured concrete driveways in Melbourne We also have a great deal of experience with exposed aggregate and have completed many domestic and commercial projects in the city featuring driveways, paths and communal areas made from this type of concrete

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Exposed aggregate-concrete supplies top quality Export exposed aggregate concrete driveways and stencil pattern concrete in Melbourne city and all over Australia

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Exposed Aggregate Exposed Aggregates are achieved by washing away the top layer of concrete to leave the surface layer of aggregate exposed We source our pebbles locally, which is why every region throughout New Zealand has its own unique mix and look

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Exposed Aggregate is the name given to concrete which has been treated so that the top layer of cement paste has been removed to expose the mix beneath Firth Concrete is NZ made with locally sourced materials

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TDC offers a fantastic selection of what has to be the most talked about concrete solution in Perth Decorative exposed and honed aggregate concrete adds value to any structure without spending so much TDC Exposed aggregate is an elegant look for your concrete …

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A1 Adelaide Concrete creates driveways and footpaths, coloured or exposed aggregate, garage and suspended concrete floors also pre-cast retaining walls We …

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So whether your requirements are driveways, footpaths, sheds, patios, inverts, crossovers, council footpaths or retaining walls we can get the job done in either plain, colour through or aggregate concrete

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In Exposed Aggregate finishes the aggregates of stones and gravel near the surface are revealed that would otherwise be concealed There are a number of techniques for producing Exposed Aggregate finishes, each creating a different and distinctive appearance

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Decorative Mixes / Exposed Aggregate Natural strength and style Whether you are specifying concrete for a driveway, commercial property or an entertainment area, these products are designed to give a natural look and texture to compliment any situation

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Exposed aggregate concrete is suitable for a range of different areas including, outdoor areas, footpaths, pathways and driveways Unlike regular concrete that is smooth, the exposed aggregate concrete has a rough and gravelly finish, owing to the aggregate (stone/pebbles) being exposed