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Perma-Pipe Inc is the largest manufacturer of pre-insulated piping systems for District Heating and Cooling in North America, and a Global Leader operating six (6) strategically placed manufacturing facilities worldwide

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Welcome to Thermacor Process Inc Thermacor is a leading provider of pre-insulated piping systems in the industrial, commercial, institutional, power generation, and military piping markets among others

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Uponor Ecoflex® Pre-insulated PEX Pipe System Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe is the flexible, durable, virtually maintenance-free solution for buried or aboveground commercial and residential hydronic radiant heating, cooling and potable-water applications

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Fowler, whose company has installed PEX piping for plumbing solutions for many years, turned to Uponor after reading about the benefits of Ecoflex ®, Uponor’s pre-insulated piping system Both flexible and durable, Ecoflex is equipped with a layered, closed-cell, polyethylene-foam insulation and HDPE corrugated outer jacket providing long

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a pre-insulated piping system that is cement lined (without sealcoat), pressure class 50 or 51, EPDM gasketed Ductile Iron pipe with polyurethane foam insulation, watertight end seals, and a rigid PVC or black HDPE jacket

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INSUL-TEK® offers a complete line of insulated piping products suited to handle almost any application Whether it be a cryogenic piping system operating at -350°F or a district heating system operating at 500°F, we can provide a custom designed system to suit the specific requirements of …

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Our Kool-Kore is a factory pre-insulated, low cost polyvinyl chloride piping system for underground chilled water system It may be used for water only in temperatures up to 73ºF and a pressure of 160 psi, or up to 120ºF if pressure is reduced to 60 psi

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Company Profile : IPL PRE-INSULATED PIPING is the leading manufacturer of complete pre-insulated systems for the transportation of liquids to the district heating and cooling, oil and gas, marine and industrial sectors

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Pre-Insulated and Containment Piping Systems Manufacturers “Sustained Success is no accident” and it’s certainly no accident that Rovanco is a leading manufacturer of foam pre-insulated, high temp conduit and containment piping systems in the United States

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Uponor Ecoflex® Pre-insulated PEX Pipe System Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe is the flexible, durable, virtually maintenance-free solution for buried or aboveground commercial and residential hydronic radiant heating, cooling and potable-water applications


LO-TEMP HI-GARD RICWIL'S Lo-Temp Hi-Gard piping system is the highest quality, most effifient and dependable method of providing for obove-ground distribution of fluids at temperatures up to 130°C

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ETF is a leading manufacturer of pre-insulated piping systems for the cryogenic and construction industries ETF LT Piping ETF LT is a cased piping system for LN2, CO2, O2, Ammonia, Chilled Water or Process Piping

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PreInsulatedPipe produces a high quality pre-insulated, pre-fabricated jacketed piping system for industrial and commercial applications Pre-Insulated, pre-jacketed thermal pipe has a definite advantage over field installed insulation and jacketing

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GF Piping Systems Pre-insulated A completely pre-insulated system helps our customers save even more energy The low lambda value translates into high energy efficiency COOL-FIT uses approximately 50 percent less energy in operation than conventional copper systems

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R-flex is a pre-insulated, flexible, energy-saving PEX 1 piping system with a durable, waterproof outer cover R-flex is used as cost-effective distribution for heating and cooling applications in schools, universities, resorts, housing developments, and much more

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Super Weld-Tite is a welded steel piping system for high pressure steam, condensate, and high temperature hot water It combines steel pipe with calcium silicate and polyurethane foam insulation inside a corrosion resistant fiberglass casing Super Weld-Tite is a versatile, energy efficient, quality piping system

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Pre-insulated PEX piping systems are custom-designed pipes installed in either potable-water or heating and cooling applications for commercial or residential structures With that being said, we primarily see pre-insulated PEX pipes used most often in …

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Pre insulated steel carrier (Erw & seamless ) pipe with HDPE/GRP/GI Spiral casing Pre insulated pipe with leak sensor cable for leak detection system; Pre insulated pipe fittings (factory pre insulated) Pre insulated pipe fittings fabrication at site as per site requirement

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JRG Sanipex MT is the ideal system for distribution, riser and connecting lines in detached houses as well as in large buildings JRG Sanipex MT The technical data are not binding and not expressly warranted characteristics of the goods

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Perma-Pipe Steam Piping System Perma-Pipe manufactured state of art pre insulated piping system are in wide use for transferring steam by direct buried piping network for District Heating Networks in cold counties viz America, Canada

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Innovative PRE-INSULATED Pipes and Fitting System suitable for applications where heat loss reduction is essential It is the innovative PRE-INSULATED PIPING SYSTEM that is ideally suitable for application in areas where the heat loss reduction is essential

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Tricon Piping Systems, Inc is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated, preinsulated, secondary containment, and conduit piping systems for industrial and commercial applications

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Flexible Pre-insulated PEX Piping INSULPEX ® is an ideal hydronic distribution pipe It consists of PEXa O 2 Barrier pipe surrounded by foam insulation and a durable corrugated PE outer jacket The smooth interior wall of the carrier pipe provides superior flow and resists mineral build-up

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Mineral wool, calcium silicate and foam get wet and moisture will travel the piping system Wet insulation acts as a thermal conductor rather than an insulator It actually pulls heat away from (hot water systems) or draws heat to (chilled water systems) the distribution system

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Rovanco Piping Systems is a Manufacturer of pre-fabricated, pre-insulated pipe & piping systems Unique piping solutions to exact standards, patented materials & processes, hot cold capable, above below ground and supplied worldwide

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This Insulated Chiller Pipe is a ABS carrier Pipe, engineered precisely for chilled water/glycol applications The Insulated Chiller Pipe has a polyurethane foam insulation with pre-insulated joints and a rigid outer shell

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Learn More » Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems Chilled Water Piping Systems Hot Water Piping Systems Steam Piping Systems Above Ground Piping Systems Heat Trace Piping Systems Pre-Insulated Pipe and Fittings for Above Ground, Underfloor and Underground Applications Insul-Pipe Systems is a Southwestern based manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe and pipe

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Pre-Insulated Pipe for HVAC Systems iH2O is a pre-insulated carrier pipe for cold and hot water mechanical applications such as chilled water industrial grade air-conditioning systems Made to Australian standards, of high quality and is also readily available as the stock production and supplies are geared for quick turn around requirements

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REHAU pre-insulated PEX piping is ideal for distribution in local community heating and cooling applications, industrial and agricultural geothermal applications, snow and ice melting applications as well as in process and hydronic piping systems

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These problems can be resolved by choosing an appropriate insulated pipe support for your system One option is pre-insulated pipe supports Pre-insulated pipe supports are used in a variety of applications, including above-ground piping and piping in buildings, tunnels, and trenches

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The featured presenter, David Baker has over 12 years experience with pre-insulated pipe supports, on-site surveys, inspections, Installation and Maintenance He is also the manager of PT&P’s Field Service division and our in-house consultant for pre-insulated pipe supports